20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s,60’s …Celebrate how incredibly beautiful You are!

I always get asked why I love photography so much and my answer pretty much is that I have the coolest job on earth :-), yes, it’s true. Not only I get to meet these amazing and fabulous women and I get to hear their life stories but also most importantly I’m experiencing their transformations right in front of my eyes. I get to see their confidence building from minute to minute, I get to see the sparks in her eyes while looking in the mirror and I see her self-acceptance and love for herself. My job is way more than taking beautiful pictures. My goal is to make you see how incredibly beautiful and special you are. My mission is to EMPOWER you through images! And that is why I love photographing YOU so much, because I get to capture all of THAT.

Being a woman is quite challenging these days, we have many roles to fulfill and often we tend to forget about ourselves. Celebrate your uniqueness and love you have for yourself because you are worth it!

Stay tuned for more images from that incredible session with Sophie.


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